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Hi, I’m Erin.  I like to call myself a writer, but this whole “about me” thing has been harder than imagined.  Have you ever tried writing an about me page?  Seriously, it’s hard.  So, like all mature adults do when something is hard, I deleted all of the sweat stained words I had written about myself and decided to write a collection of poorly written haikus instead.




six years old-cutie
grabbed a pen, started to write
words, they are my dream

reconciled by grace
free from chains that bound so tight
of Jesus, I’m sure

I wear many hats
well no, I’m not a “hat girl”
I play many roles

by day I’m Ms. Green
well only seven to five
kids, drop the gecko

tonight yes tonight
Monday is time for Young Life
no, I’m not fifteen

Texas Fight, go Horns
Longhorns, the class of ’15
did I graduate

summertime mountains
don’t call, I’m in the San Juans
when did I shower

all the rest, just me
choosing adventure always
haters gonna hate


Weddings, Engagements, and Prayers

Weddings, Engagements, and Prayers


I have been a writer for two decades, and have been taking it seriously for a handful of months.  So far, the trend has shown that you guys like it when I talk about (1) mountains, (2), boys, and (3) angsty things I wrote in middle school.  Follow these links to read some commonly favorited posts about mountains, boys, and preteen angst.




Weddings, Engagements, and Prayers

Further up and Further In

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Sometimes I write in other places!  I am honored to have been published at the following locations:

The Huffington Post

Time to Stand Up: Caitlyn Jenner and the Fight for Human Rights, June 2015

I Wish I Didn’t Want To Be a Teacher, April 2015

The 527 Project

Clinging to Truth, December 2014

The Young Life Leader Blog

They Shall Run and Not Grow Weary, August 2013

It Was Always About Jesus, December 2012

I used to write here:

Like Water the Seas, September 2011-October 2014