The Table: April Recap

The end of the school year brings along so much craziness.  Finals, standardized testing, graduations, with every grade comes along different stresses and a seemingly endless list of reasons to be anxious.  It was no surprise that stress and anxiety were the focus of our April conversation at The Table.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  As a teacher, there is never a time more fitting for this verse than in the middle of STAAR testing.

Unfortunately, being a believer doesn’t mean that we are somehow immune to stress.  We do, however, have a way of coping that is unknown to those who are not in Christ.  We have a hope, an endgame, a truth that tells us, in the end, it will all be okay.  In the end, you are not in control.  You cannot fix these children, you cannot solve all of their problems.  All you can do is love them with the love given to you in Jesus, and trust that in the end, their lives are in the hands of someone much more capable than ourselves.

So at the end of the school year, that is the truth that I cling to.  STAAR tests are over, lessons have been taught, some TEKS have been covered and some were never mentioned, and what’s done is done.  As my first group of students finish their last days in my classroom, and as they move onto middle school, I have faith in something and someone so much greater than myself and anything I am capable of doing or teaching.

So, teachers, let this be your hope, let this be your vision, your endgame.  You have loved your students, you have worked yourself to the ground all year long, and your students are better off because of you.  Regardless of what academia they have learned this year, they have encountered someone who knows Jesus, and they have seen Him reflected in you.  The stress and anxiety of their futures is not on your shoulders.  It is in the hands of the One who created you, who created your students, and who gave himself for us.  We can rest.



The Table has wrapped up monthly happy hours for the school year, and I have been so blessed by the beginning of this group.  There is talk of a summer book club, for anyone who is interested in participating, check out the Facebook group for more discussion around that.  We will start back up with happy hours again in August or September, and I am very much looking forward to the goodness and margaritas that lie ahead.



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