Summer Catch Up

Summer is wrapping up, and my three month long hiatus is hopefully wrapping up as well.  While traveling the world and hiking mountains, I just couldn’t find the time to write that I had hoped I would have.  (I was also feeling angsty about world problems and wanted to yell more than write, but that’s another post).  I did, however, find the time for a million beautiful other things.  Sometime’s it’s hard to live fully and write fully at the same time.  Here are some summer highlights:

The Warren Fellowship at the Holocaust Museum Houston:  As crazy as this sounds, this might have be been my favorite week all summer.  I have wanted to write something about it all summer, and I still just don’t have the words.  I have been forever changed by the things I learned and people I met.  Meeting Naomi Warren, a Holocaust survivor, and her family, was an incredibly powerful experience, as was hearing from so many authors, scholars, historians, and educators.  I am forever indebted to everyone who made the fellowship possible.


Naomi Warren & the 2015 Warren Fellows


Europe:  Oh, to be a world traveler.  The one thing I learned was how much I still have to learn.  It felt as if I could spend all year traveling Europe and I still wouldn’t have learned enough.  Every city we went to, we would hear about where other people had been and what they had seen, and I quickly realized there just wasn’t enough time to see it all.  We went to Rome, Tuscany, Sorrento, Capri Island, Paris, and Munich.  Each stop was beautiful and absolutely breathtaking in its own unique way.


Tuscany, Italy


Munich, Germany


Wilderness:  I never expected to find so much freedom in guiding as a third year.  The moment I stepped foot on trail, it was as if there was nothing else we could possibly worry about.  For the first time, the trail was my comfort zone, my safety net.  I knew those mountains and I knew those trails and there was nothing that we couldn’t conquer.  It was beautiful and powerful and Jesus showed up in big ways just like He always does.


Mount Princeton




Follow-up from my summer reading list:

inventionofwingsI loved The Invention of Wings, and naively didn’t realize until halfway through it that it was based on real people.  Remember learning about the Grimke sisters in school?  I didn’t remember, either, but their story is awesome and so woman-empowering and I am so into woman-empowering right now.  I had about 8 delays and a cancelled flight on my way to Rome, so I read this one almost entirely in the airport.  It was great, and I highly recommend it.


millionmilesI accidentally stumbled upon A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, fell in love with it, and got onto a Donald Miller kick.  I don’t know why it took me so long to read his books.  He has my stamp of approval.  He’s Christian but he doesn’t sound Christian-y and I like that.



searchingforsundaySearching for Sunday changed the way I think about everything.  It was like finally someone was using all of the words that I have had jumbled up inside of me for so long.  I have fallen in love with Rachel Held Evans and wish I had sooner.  She’s a badass and we can all learn from her boldness and honesty.  I now follow her on all social media outlets and you should too.  Why can’t all Christians be so cool?



bookthiefI’m currently absorbed in The Book Thief, and have made it halfway through its 520 pages in two days.  I don’t know if I’m supposed to recommend a book before I finish it, but I’m going to.  Read it.





Papertowns:  I didn’t like it, as predicted.  I still want to finish, I’m about a third of the way through, but I can’t promise I’ll make it to the end.  The Book Thief has priority right now.

I read the first 15 pages of Americanah and couldn’t get into it.  I wanted to, I really did.  Hopefully I will pick it back up again.

The First Days of School:  I started reading this to get ready for my first year teaching, and it’s been crazy helpful.  Not the most captivating, obviously, but I’m thankful for a little guidance right now.  I’ll share some more info on how I’m preparing for my first year on my teaching blog.


That’s it, folks.  Nothing super captivating or beautifully written, just a needed catch up post so that we can get to pretty words later.  Stay posted during this time of transition as I start my first year teaching. Ms. Green’s first day of school is August 3rd…eeek!!


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