Summer is for Adventure

I cannot believe how quickly summer has come!  Crazy.

If you’ve been following along since the beginning, then you know that my little baby of a blog has only been around since November.  I am amazed at what God has done since then, and I am so thankful for all of the readers that have joined the adventure.  Who knew that anyone other than my mom would ever read this…?!  I’ve never kept up with a blog over the summer, and my schedule will be so different, so I just wanted to provide a heads up for what is to come.

The summer ahead of me is full of travel and adventure and hopefully some really great stories.  I leave for Houston right after graduation, where I will be spending a week at the Holocaust Museum as part of the Warren Fellowship.  I will be spending the week with Holocaust survivors and learning the best teaching practices when approaching such a delicate and powerful subject with students.  My hope is that I will be blogging over at my teaching blog during this time.  (side note: I call this “my teaching blog” because the actual name of it is, and I’m bitter that there is an taken & inactive that I can’t use.  Ugh.  The injustice of life.)   Teachers, follow along there if you’re interested!

June 1st I am jumping on a plane with just a backpack and heading to ROME with one of my best friends!  AHHH.  I am so pumped for this.  We will be staying in hostels, exploring Italy and venturing up to Paris and Munich.  Can. Not. Freaking. Wait.  !!!  Little is planned, but much will happen.

June 18th I jump back on a plane and fly straight from Munich, Germany to the place that my heart will forever call home, Wilderness Ranch.  I’ll be back in the mountains, guiding high schoolers on weeklong backpacking trips through the San Juan mountains outside of Creede, Colorado.  I have more things to write about here than I do anywhere else, but internet access and time to sit and write is limited.  My hope is that I will be able to write a lot, but posting will probably be sporadic.

I’ll be at Wilderness for as long as I possibly can, soaking up every moment, before I head home and start setting up my classroom and moving into my apartment on August 1st!

So all of this to say, who really knows what will end up on this blog for the next three months?  I’ll post as much as I can, but it’s going to be pretty unpredictable.  If you want to follow along despite the lack of scheduled posts, Instagram is going to be your best bet.

I hope that your summer is full of popsicles and gelato and snocones and sand volleyball and scandalous summer fling kisses and adventure and tan bodies and freckled faces.  I have the highest hopes for mine.  Talk to you soon.

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