Placement Night and Kingdom Chasers

Ministry wise, the past semester has been hard for me.  Life is changing and priorities are shifting, and the time dedicated towards Young Life has been minimal.  My days have been spent writing lesson plans, teaching ten year olds, and trying desperately to fit in time to write for this blog, a dream that must be fed if it is to stay alive.  But in the midst of career chasing and dream chasing, I’ve gotten a little lost.  Little by little, my life has become increasingly more about me.

My time on McCallum Young Life is phasing out, slowly but surely coming to an end, and so I know that it is only natural to pull away.  That’s okay, I know that it is.  But I haven’t just pulled away from Young Life, I’ve pulled away from ministry.

Last week four eager and bright-eyed new leaders were placed on our Young Life team.  Four leaders who are essentially taking my place, stepping up to fill a spot I am leaving behind.  On that Friday night, I was reminded of the power of this ministry, the beauty of a ministry that I fell in love with, the ministry that led me to the feet of Jesus all of those many years ago.

I was reminded that life isn’t all about me.  It isn’t all about getting a job or chasing a dream, it’s about Jesus.  It’s about remaining in a posture of worship, proclaiming redemption and grace and celebrating new life.  It’s not about chasing my dream, ultimately, it’s about chasing His dream.  It’s about chasing the Kingdom.

One hundred and sixty new leaders were placed on Young Life teams through out Greater Austin.  One hundred and sixty leaders, eager and terrified and unprepared, getting ready to jump into the lives of middle school, high school, and special needs students all across the city.  They’ve joined hands and made a leap of faith, trusting that Jesus has great plans ahead of them, proclaiming that the next four years of their lives aren’t about them at all, but they are about Him.  They are about chasing the Kingdom.  Two hundred new Kingdom chasers.  I don’t know what could be better.

I owe an apology to so many.  My eyes have been focused so much on myself, my energy has been devoted so much to my own priorities.  But if there is one thing I know, it’s that at the feet of Jesus, we find grace upon grace upon grace.  Grace for the new leader, scared of her mind, and grace for me, tired, self-centered and world-consumed.

Thank you, to the new McCallum Leaders, for reminding me of the journey I began four years ago.  Thank you, for reminding me to chase something bigger.  Thank you for joining a mission more important than anything else ahead of you.  Thank you for choosing to deny the world to spend your time with high schoolers.  And thank you, to the new leaders all across our city, who have been obedient to the call of Christ, ready to bring new life into the worlds of so many who so desperately need it.



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