TBT, Vol. 6: Still the One

No date.  Estimated publication date 2006 (age 13)


Still the One

he’s still the one I think about every night

the one I can’t get out of my dreams

I thought I was over him

ready to move on to bigger and better things

but as I lye here tonight

holding his bear close

tears rolling silently down my cheeks

I relize that he’s still the one

memories flood my mind

of brighter days

days when we were together

days full of warmth, safety and love

but those times are gone

replaced by loss and self-doubt

I thought this was what I wanted

but how can I enjoy this life

when my hearts still belongs to him?

I don’t know if things will ever be the same

the only love I ever knew

I threw it all away


One thought on “TBT, Vol. 6: Still the One

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