TBT, Vol. 3: So cute & sweet

Two posts combined: fifth grade Erin describes the boys she has crushes on.  “Frog dude” is the name of my journal (fuzzy, with a frog on the front, purchased from Claire’s)


December 29th, 2003 (age 10)

Okay frog dude, we need a news flash.  U don’t no who I like.  Alex is smokin’!  He’s smaller than me, but he’s super tan, brown eyes, brown hair.  He’s so cute & sweet!  Caroline and him were supposed to be “going out” awhile back, but that’s all died down.  He totally acts like he’s trippin’!  I no I am!

P.S. Lizzie (my pet rat) died a month ago


February 25, 2004 (still age 10)

Yo!  Sup?  I have a few more minutes to write until our next assignment.  Oh, so here it is: Travis is about my height, short, black spiky hair.  He’s not overweight, but a little on the chubby side.  (I think it’s cute!)  He wears really cool clothes, and do-rags sometimes.  G2G!



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