TBT, Vol. 2: I luv him

Here it is: my second installment of TBT.  Like before, all names have been changed because it’s embarrassing and these sweet boys didn’t sign up for it.


October 22, 2004 (age 11)

Charlie is an awesome boyfriend!  I just got back from the Bowie game and he was there.  He’s so hot!  B4  he left we hugged like 3 times, it was so cute! We’ve been going out for 2 weeks and 1 day.  I luv him so much!  He shows my picture to everyone and brags about me all the time!  We sat 2gether at lunch and he called me after skool.  Jessica and Brad went to the game too, Brad was like all over her, but it was really cute.  I wish me and Charlie were like that!  I guess we will be soon, I like him a lot!  Nothin else to say, so bye!


November 20, 2004  (still 11)

I broke up with Charlie after a month, he’s so annoying!  The day after I dumped him, Sam asked me out.  He’s really cool so obviously I said yes.



flirty girl circa 2004






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