She Reads Truth: John

It’s no secret that I love She Reads Truth.

I also love things (fun things, pretty things, useful things, all things) and I try very hard to resist the temptation to give away fun things on the blog every day.  I resist this temptation because the focus of my blog is my writing, and through that, the hope and prayer that you would be brought closer to Jesus.  But today, I get to combine my love for good and pretty things with my desire for you (my sweet and growing group of readers) to be brought closer to Christ.  Because that is what She Reads Truth is all about- bringing you closer to Jesus and giving you beautiful tools to aide in that journey.  (All of my favorites combined, it’s really too much to handle!)

For the past couple weeks, I have been going through the She Reads Truth study of John. Today, I share my thoughts on this wonderful study, AND, give you a discount code for your next She Reads Truth purchase!

Here’s what I love about She Reads Truth:

1. They are all about getting you to open your Bible.  They make it so easy and appealing to wake up and spend 5 minutes reading through scripture and a devo.

2. They are all about scripture.  I love devotionals, but I genuinely worry when people tell me that they are close to Christ because they read “Jesus Calling” every morning.  Yes, Jesus Calling is great, but we need to start and end with scripture.  The word of God is more powerful than the word of man.  She Reads Truth always focuses on significant chunks of scripture.  You can even do the devos by just reading scripture *gasp*

3.  Their devotionals are available in just about every form you could ask for- in beautifully printed books, online, and even through (my personal favorite) an app.

4.  You can go through their studies by yourself, with a group, or, through the online community.


Here’s what I love about this study of John:

John_study_bundle1.  First of all, this is my favorite of all of the books they have printed.  They feature different artists for each study, and this one is by far my favorite.  Anchor and Ink Calligraphy nailed it.  The study kit comes with beautifully calligraphed prints and scripture memory cards.

2.  Reading a Gospel account brings us back to the focus of everything- Jesus.


Here’s what not to expect from this study:

1.  It’s not an in depth theological study.  Each day goes through one chapter, (which is a pretty significant amount of scripture), and the devotional highlights, for the most part, one element of that chapter.  If you want to go more in depth, hit up Beth Moore or Tim Keller.

2.  Don’t expect to be disappointed.  It’s great.


And now…


From now until midnight Friday, you can enjoy 15% off of your She Reads Truth purchase with the discount code “ERINTAYLORGREEN”  Happy shopping!



5 thoughts on “She Reads Truth: John

  1. Thanks so much for the review! I’ve been reading along with Truth365, but have been wanting to start one of their studies. I just used your code to order their Esther journal and I am so excited for February 2nd!


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