TBT, Vol. 1: He broke up with me on AIM

The moment you’ve all been waiting for- my first TBT post.  So here it is, my first installment of TBT, a journal entry from sixth grade Erin.

I was an extremely long winded adolescent, with a lot of feelings, so I’ve edited this post to show you the highlights.  Names have been changed because it’s embarrassing for all parties involved.


August 6th, 2005 (age 12)

Wow!  I haven’t written in forever!  Alright so I loved John a lot, I was crazy about him.  He went to Denver for three weeks in July, and the night before we were on the phone for four hours saying how much we loved each other and we gonna miss each other.  After that we didn’t see or talk to each other for his entire vacation.  I had missed him so much, it was unbearable.  He called the night he got home and I was freaking out- so excited to hear his voice.  I guess that feeling wasn’t mutual, he acted like we had talked the day before.  …  He wasn’t the boyfriend he used to be.  The amazing, sweet, spontanious, crazy about me guy he had been before he left.  Things had changed. we both knew it.  I had thought that once we saw each other things would be the same.  I guess he didn’t.  He broke up with me on AIM on July 21st- we had been going out 2 1/2 months.  …I really miss who I thought he was.  But by now I’m over him, I just miss him sometimes.

So I’ve been single for awhile, and Joe and Caroline broke up about a week ago.  I loved him so much when we went out, maybe even more than John.  It took me more than three months to get over Joe.  Now that he’s single, he told me he liked me more than Caroline and he wants to get back together.  Now, it sounds like the perfect happy ending, but it get’s complicated.  His best friend Travis likes me too, a lot.  I liked Travis for about a week (last week) and I think I still do a little bit.  But Joe is so amazing, and I know that it would work our way better with us than with Travis.  But I can’t be with Joe while I like Travis, obviously.  This was all really confusing awhile ago but I think I’ve figured it out.  Right now I like Joe more than Travis.  Joe won’t let himself like me if I like his best friend and he likes me.  So when I’m certain that I don’t like Travis I’ll tell Joe and we’ll live happily ever after. …This is really hard…but I need to follow my heart and be with Joe.  …okay my hand hurts.  Bye!



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2 thoughts on “TBT, Vol. 1: He broke up with me on AIM

  1. Ohhh my Lord, this is adorable! And it reminds me of an EMBARRASSING amount of journal entries that I have from the past! What a great idea! hahahaha Definitely take comfort in knowing that you were by no means the only one 😉


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