Introducing Throwback Thursday

Some people have pictures to remember the past.  I, however, have something much more incredible: journals dating back to April 2000.  I have intricately journaled every part of my life for the past fifteen years.  I am now ready to take full advantage of that, by publishing one of these original journal entries each week.  Whether innocent or angsty, poetic or passionate, they will be revealed in their entirety.  Every typo and every tear stained page, published for the world to see.

Stay with me through this journey back to the beginning of a new millennium.  It all begins next Thursday, January 8th.  Let the countdown begin…



“Dear Diary,  Sorry I had to stop in the middle.  But my mom came in.  (I was useing my reading light.)”  -Erin Taylor Green,  November 2000, age 7




4 thoughts on “Introducing Throwback Thursday

  1. Rachel G

    Aww, so cute! I also started journaling when I was 7, and kept it up for a long time–but I kinda gave it up a couple years ago. I’m glad I still have my journals to look back on.


  2. I love this idea! I kept a journal during middle school. In highs chool I resigned to writing notes to friends and Myspace comments and messages, but I saved and archived all of those and have a box full of memories still. When my grandmother passed away we found a ‘Line a Year’ journal from when she was in her teens and twenties, so this year I decided to start my own! I’m really excited about it.
    Looking forward to your #TBT!


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