My Bookshelf

My nightstand is always stacked high with books I’m currently reading.  I can never read one book at a time; I just get too excited and anxious to read a new one.  This morning, I thought I would give you guys a peak into what’s on my nightstand.


paperboyPaperboy, by Vince Vawter

I finished this one a week ago, but it’s just so darn good I left it on my nightstand.  It’s a young adult novel, (really quick, easy read- I think I read it in 2 days), about a brave young boy with a stutter.  It’s set in the 1950s, and is very much a memoir of Vawter’s life as a young boy.  It’s so good.  Read it.



She Reads Truth Advent

I love She Reads Truth, and their advent book is on point.  Not only is it beautiful but it’s full of truth and goodness.  I have loved using this study book.



tablesinthewildernessTables in the Wilderness, by Preston Yancey

I have read chapter 1 in this book.  Confession: I bought it solely because of it’s cover.  And also, it has the word Wilderness in it.  It’s written by a young Baylor grad, and I always get excited about young authors, kind of like I’m celebrating for them and I want to throw them a party and give them a hug for publishing their first book.  So for that reason I want to keep reading it, but I wasn’t hooked by the end of chapter one.  I’m not sure if I will get into it or not, but I hate starting a book and not finishing.  So I’ll keep you updated on this one.


foolishThe Importance of Being Foolish, by Brennan Manning

This one is always on my bookshelf.  Brennan Manning is one of my absolute favorites; I think he is so wise and has such wonderful words.  I have started and almost finished this book so many times, but have never fully read it.  It’s so good, but so dense (kind of like reading CS Lewis).  You can’t just sit down and finish it, you want to digest and savor every word.  I read a chapter or so from it every so often, and fall in love with the words all over again, and then don’t pick it up again for awhile.  But it’s good, so good.  You should read it- maybe you can tell me what’s in the end of it.


bestyesThe Best Yes, by Lysa Terkeurst

I love this book!  I was originally hesitant to read it, because I don’t have an issue with saying no to things (I have a very hard time understanding “people pleasers”).  But I finally read it, and I love it.  I think I have one chapter left to read in it.  I’ve learned a lot from it, and Terkeurst is a beautiful story teller.  Every chapter is a beautiful analogy that points back to Christ, which is exactly how I hope to write.  Many lines are underlined purely because of the craft used to write them.


bridgeBridge to Terabithia, by Katherine Paterson

I picked up a copy of this classic from a used book store/coffee shop in Fort Collins while I was visiting Sarah.  I’ve read it before, but didn’t own a copy of it.  I brought it home and let it sit on my bookshelf for awhile, but as soon as I finished Paperboy, I was reminded of how much I love kids books, and so I quickly added this one to my nightstand.  I haven’t started rereading it yet, but I will soon.


breadandwine Bread and Wine, by Shauna Niequist

Shauna Niequist speaks sweet words straight to my heart.  I can’t just sit down and read her books the way I devour novels, but I love reading her sweet short stories, spreading out one of her books over a few months.  I read her books because I love everything she has to say, and her books are also a sort of mentor text for me.  I hope to one day be as talented a writer as she is.


iamI am Malala, by Malala Yousafzai

I love a good memoir.  Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize for standing up to the Taliban and fighting for her right for an education.  She was shot in the head, point blank, by the Taliban, and made an incredible recovery when no one thought she would live.  This book isn’t actually on my nightstand, it’s wrapped up for me at home, but it will be my travel/beach read as I lay under the hot Jamaican sun this Christmas.


So there you have it- my currently reading and my must reads for this holiday season.  Send me a book suggestion if you have one!  For more of my favorite books, check out this page.

2 thoughts on “My Bookshelf

  1. I’ve heard really good things about bread and wine! I need to add that to my list. I just finished a book called “Once Upon a Secret” written by a lady who once had an affair with JFK when she was an intern at the White House. It was really interesting.


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